Domino Day review

We were there: Birthday celebration 25 years Of DNUG & Domino Day

Domino Day review: Notes Domino lives

On Thursday, November 28, 2019, Domino Day took place and there was also a much-awaited preview on Domino 11. We will be bringing more new information from HCL about licenses and support online after release by HCL in the next few days.

First of all: Domino Mobile Apps was once. Now the product is called: HCL Nomad. It brings simple Domino databases quickly to the iPad and soon to the smartphone (Android and iPhone).

From 5.12. see the blog article on the launch of the Domino 11 features for the details of the new release.

Other topics included: Strategy & Roadmaps Domino by HCL, HCL Nomad, Notes V11 & VOP 1.0.8, Domino V10 & 11, Docker, AppDevPack & DQL.

Here are some visual impressions of Domino Day in Cologne.

Domino Day 2019 in Köln
Domino Day 2019
25-Jahre DNUG Jubiläumsfeier

There is a little love story of Mr Domino and Mrs CRM – A perfect team for 30 years.