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Awarded as Top Innovator 2017

This year, GEDYS IntraWare GmbH is one of the innovation leaders of German SMEs.

The company was honored by the well-known TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar with the TOP 100 award as top innovator. In the independent selection process, the company convinced the jury of renowned experts especially with its agile innovation processes and its innovation success. If you want to assert yourself as a top innovator, you have to go through a well-founded selection process. Important factors such as the state of development of innovation management are differentiated.

The analysis focuses on more than 100 indicators in five categories:

  • Innovation-enhancing top management
  • Innovation climate
  • Innovative processes and organisation
  • Open Innovation
  • Innovation success
Award Top100: Award for top innovator
Award Top100: Award for top innovator

GEDYS IntraWare GmbH was able to prevail against the particularly strong competition this year with a rating of A+(above average). The “A” rating is awarded if, among other things, exceptional innovation management is also available on an international scale. In the categories “Innovation-promoting top management” and “Innovative processes and organization“, the company is even in the top 10 of all rated participants (

In science, one speaks of “path dependency”, in the IT industry the “lock-in phenomenon”: If a company has opted for a software or database solution, it usually remains tied to it in the long term. Individual adjustments are often very time-consuming and difficult to implement.

Top innovator: Ralf Geishauser with Ranga Yogeshwar
Awarded as Top Innovator 2017 3

“Old technologies are difficult to develop further; you can’t make revolutionary leaps with them.”

Ralf Geishauser, Managing Director, GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

GEDYS IntraWare creates new paths with individual software solutions

Through the business app business unit, innovative and individual applications can be created in a future-oriented manner. Regardless of industry and field of activity. It is a modular system of over 150 controls that can be assembled similarly to Lego bricks according to requirements. This makes “Business App” unique and convinced the TOP 100 jury.

In the area of customer management, GEDYS IntraWare also provides the necessary tools to optimally accompany the customer on his journey. Whether sales, marketing or service – the company provides the right tools for almost all areas of the customer journey.

The innovative concept arrives: With its more than 90 employees, the top innovator manages 3,600 customer installations and 400,000 users worldwide.