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CRM with ticket system

Smooth service for high employee & customer satisfaction

Your customers expect a courteous and reliable service. You are certainly happy to provide this, but with increasing customer numbers and service requests, systematic processing becomes a challenge in good time.

A CRM software with its useful interfaces and integrations can provide you with a remedy – in this case, a CRM with a ticket system.

This way you can get to grips with every mess: with a CRM with a ticket system!

Overview & better organization with service tickets

Each incoming request is documented with all the relevant information in the ticket. Links to relevant customer information in the CRM system, such as contacts, contracts or inventory, are also possible without any problems. They also set deadlines and document the processing status of the respective ticket.

Integrated workflows and escalation management also ensure that nothing goes under. If a deadline is coming to an end, you will be automatically informed.

See also the video “Service Management for Satisfied Customers“.

How to – integrated know-how

With the help of the integrated knowledge base, your employees can quickly and easily resort to already proven problem solutions for processing service requests. This saves time and nerves on the part of your employees and the customer is happy about the quick fix of their problem.

Self-service – if you can help yourself

The advanced CRM with ticket system allows your customers to help themselves directly if possible.

They can use web access to search for problem solutions in the knowledge base. If this is not successful, you can create a ticket there on your own and track the processing status via ticket tracking.

This greatly relieves your service employees by reducing ticket numbers and no longer having to spend time, for example, on telephone status queries.

Something for everyone

It is not only the direct processors of the service tickets who benefit from CRM with a ticket system. Tasks such as operational planning or invoicing are also facilitated.

The simple recording of the processing time directly in the ticket makes the creation of the invoice in the aftermath much easier. All relevant information can be found directly in the ticket, without any further inquiries to the employees involved.

Service deployment planning becomes a breeze with the clear planning cockpit. Here you will find all the necessary information at a glance:

  • Which tickets are pending?
  • Who has the necessary skills for use?
  • Who is geographically closest?
  • What are the dates already available?

Via drag and drop, the tickets can then be transferred to the planning calendar and thus to the appropriate employee.

Beyond the borders

A ticketing system is not just for your service team. It can also be extremely useful for internal processes, such as internal IT support or marketing tasks. If the employees simply place enquiries directly independently as a ticket in the respective department, unfavourable telephone calls are spared and the enquiries can be structured and processed transparently for all participants.

CONCLUSION: The CRM with ticket system as an all-rounder

For optimal and transparent documentation and structuring – this is how you satisfy your customers!

A CRM software with a ticket system offers you numerous possibilities to cope with any challenge thanks to the versatile functional extensions. You and your employees act in a structured and transparent manner, saving time, resources and some nerves when processing requests and thus ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

With a CRM for Service & IT including a ticket system, you can offer perfect customer service and thus ensure loyal customers who recommend you and remain loyal for a long time.