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CRM and Collaboration Tools

Integration is via rotating – CRM and Collaboration Tools

Good cooperation is everything – especially when it comes to projects. In times when we need to move further and further apart physically and at the same time network better and better, productive collaboration can become a real challenge. Simple project tools are now the last resort for many. But the range of such tools is large and every employee and every team has their own preferences when it comes to organization. However, the tool must work seamlessly with the existing CRM software. Coming to a common denominator for all employees is not so easy. Or?

Integration is the key

Exactly: Integration is the keyword here. And fortunately, it is becoming easier and easier to integrate different CRM and collaboration tools with each other. Thus, nothing stands in the way of collaboration across company or team (i.e. also tool) boundaries. Platform tools such as Integromat enable the simplest exchange of data through a wide variety of interfaces to a wide variety of applications. Among these platform tools, Integromat is considered the recommended solution for professional use according to EU GDPR.

For project management, this means in concrete terms: No matter whether you prefer to work exclusively with the company’s internal CRM and other company or team members rather with tools such as Trello, Asana or Monday – in any case, you will come to a common denominator! With Integromat, you can integrate any tool with your CRM software and thus ensure optimal data transfer. Partly without any programming, you can also create simple to more complex workflows and automations that even take over the work of the project process.

Work with the tool of your choice

So let’s say your company’s marketing team prefers to organize themselves through a Trello board because they like to take advantage of the cards and lists view that this tool offers. Of course, it cannot do without the figures and information of the sales team. Programming new functions a la Trello into an existing CRM software is not done quickly.

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Pfeil blau links
Pfeil blau links

But if the CRM software is optimized for collaboration with Integromat via an API, you can easily create an interface between your CRM and Trello. In both directions, data can be transferred between a project created in crm and the Trello board of the marketing team. And in a variety of ways – here are just a few examples:

  • A new project is created and automatically creates a corresponding board or list in Trello.
  • An update in the CRM project, e.B to the project details such as a deadline, automatically creates a new card in the Trello board. Conversely, an update is sent from the Trello board to the CRM.
  • If a certain observed number in the CRM, e.B the project budget, slips below a certain value, a card is created in the Trello board.
  • A project deadline has been exceeded and a card with the corresponding message is automatically displayed in Trello.
  • And much more.

If-Then commands allow you to link pretty much any action on one side of the interface to a specific action on the other. In this way, the overview of certain key points of the project is facilitated many times over and takes over certain handles and checks automatically.

Last but not least, working with external team members who would not even have the opportunity to access the internal CRM system becomes child’s play. The internal team then works e.B. in the CRM project while the external team colleagues access the Trello board. Both parties find the appropriate information at any moment and can easily collaborate. Each update is reported in real time – if desired, even by e-mail notification.

Watch the video (only in German) about the integration CRM and Trello!

Unlimited collaboration

If you stick to the example of Integromat, you have to deal with a seemingly endless list of how to integrate CRM and collaboration tools with each other. So the workflow at Trello doesn’t have to stop and can include many more applications from analytics or banking to email and social media to e-commerce and on and on.

Especially in times of widespread remote work, extensive integrations of CRM and collaboration tools that bring together all relevant information in one place can save a lot of time and nerves and certainly one or the other video call with child or cat.

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