Customer Experience: An unforgettable customer experience

In order to achieve long-term and lucrative customer loyalty, positive customer experiences are indispensable. But how do you create positive customer experiences for your customers and where do you start? Read here a few tips on how to create an unforgettable customer experience and increase your growth.

According to a study conducted by Cognizant among 300 senior executives with customer responsibility, around one third (33 percent) of respondents rated their companies’ digital customer experience as “high quality”, while three percent rated it as “excellent”.

Tip 1: Proactive Support for Better Customer Experience

To counter negative customer ratings that damage the company’s reputation, it is important that you redefine your processes and provide proactive support. This includes, for example, the reaction to emerging escalations on your support channels. Deescalation and presence are particularly important here. The customer only feels well taken care of when his complaint is dealt with.

Mistakes happen, but if they can be corrected quickly and reliably and the customer is not left in the lurch, this gives a better customer experience.

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Tip 2: Uniform service despite different channels

Today, your customers are looked after through many channels. Whether social media, online chat call center or email, is important:

A customer service that provides the same service on all channels. In order to provide your customers with a consistent customer experience, it is important that you first and foremost have a consistent view of your customers.

The basic reason for this is a uniform CRM system (What is a CRM system?) that is used throughout the company. This allows you to view up-to-date information about the customer, as well as archived cases. Only if you are informed about the entire history of customer contact, you can also guarantee the customer an all-round support.

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Tip 3: Personalized products and service

The service should be personal and tailored to each customer. Be sure to create unique customer data models that combine internal CRM and data from social platforms. This enables customer service to best serve the customer’s needs and create a positive customer experience.

Tip 4: The customer needs magical moments

Customers yearn for “magical moments” – unexpected reactions and actions that show that they are valued and not just one of many.

Small, but qualitative gestures leave an even more lasting impression on customers. An example of this are, for example, gift promotions at Christmas, with a small attention, including personalized holiday wishes. For small to medium-sized businesses, a whole piece of work, but worthwhile for the relationship with your customers.

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Tip 5: Active contacts

Your service and sales are the mouthpiece of the customers. Because inquiries, complaints, but also praise or encouragement are usually only received in direct contact with the customers. It is good if your customer has a direct contact person. Thus, he feels in good hands and always knows directly to whom he can turn.

Talking to a different employee who doesn’t know the customer’s history as well as another colleague often makes a bad impression. Therefore, with an interactive contact person, it is possible to generate more customer satisfaction and additionally help you to further improve the information gained, your product or your service.

Tip 6: Support customer service representatives

Magical moments can only be generated by employees who have positive experiences themselves. You should therefore look for ways to increase the independence and flexibility of your employees.

In addition, you should focus on creating magical moments and not working on as many support requests as possible at groundbreaking speed. Relationships need time to grow, so it is here.

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