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Customer Experience

An unforgettable customer experience

In order to achieve long-term and lucrative customer loyalty, positive customer experiences are indispensable. But how do you create this for customers and where do you start? Read here a few tips on how to create an unforgettable customer experience and increase your growth.

According to a study conducted by Cognizant among 300 senior executives with customer responsibility, around one third (33 percent) of respondents rated their companies’ digital customer experience as “high quality”, while three percent rated it as “excellent”.

Tip 1:
Proactive support for better customer experience

To counter negative customer ratings that damage the company’s reputation, it is important that you redefine your processes and provide proactive support. This includes, for example, the reaction to emerging escalations on your support channels. Deescalation and presence are particularly important here. The customer only feels well taken care of when his complaint is dealt with.

Mistakes happen, but if they can be fixed quickly and reliably, it leads to a better customer experience, also called customer experience.

Tip 2:
Consistent service despite different channels

Today, your customers are looked after through many channels. Whether social media, online chat call center or email, is important:

A customer service that provides the same, preferably perfect service on all channels. In order to provide your customers with a consistent customer experience, it is important that you first and foremost have a consistent view of your customers.

The basis for this is a CRM system(What is a CRM system?) that is used throughout the company. This way, current information about the customer and all archived cases for this customer can be displayed. Only if you are informed about the entire history of customer contacts can you guarantee all-round support.

Tip 3:
Personalized products and services

The service should be personal and tailored to each customer. Be sure to create unique customer data models that combine internal CRM and data from social platforms. This enables customer service to best serve the customer’s needs and create a positive customer experience.

Tip 4:
The customer needs magic moments

Customers crave “magic moments” – unexpected positive reactions and actions that show them they are valued. Small, but high-quality gestures leave a lasting impression on customers.

A good example of this are gift campaigns for birthdays: giving away a small gift including personal congratulations strengthens customer loyalty enormously. A bit of extra work, but very worthwhile!

Tip 5:
Active contact persons

Your company’s service and sales departments are points of contact for your customers. In numerous daily customer conversations, employees in these departments receive not only inquiries, but also complaints, grievances as well as praise and encouragement.

However, talking to a different employee each time, who does not know exactly about the history of an individual customer, makes a rather incompetent impression. It is therefore good if every customer has a single fixed contact person. This makes him feel in good hands and he always knows who to turn to.

In addition, information gained from customer conversations will help you improve your products or services.

Tip 6:
Support customer service employees

Magical moments can only be generated by employees who have positive experiences themselves. You should therefore look for ways to increase the independence and flexibility of your employees.

For smartphone users, apps that are specifically tailored to use on smartphones are helpful: functional design and ease of use make it easier for you to work mobile. The mobile CRM app lets you be meaningful anytime, anywhere.

Create an unforgettable customer experience with
CRM Software for Service & IT

This is how you make your customer service more successful: by providing your employees with all the information about customers and their requests. And also on the road. Your team becomes more productive and solves jobs faster at the customer site. This not only saves time, but also sustainably increases customer satisfaction.

Service employee in conversation with headset on computer
Service employee in conversation with headset on computer