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What are the benefits of a cloud CRM system?

Cloud CRM system – dangerous or sensible? This is the question many companies are asking themselves. The fact is that the use of cloud CRM systems in Germany is increasing.

Especially for customer loyalty management, a cloud CRM system brings significant added value to users, as customer data can be retrieved from any terminal device, for example on the go from sales or service before a customer meeting. No additional IT is required and the introduction of a cloud CRM system is quick. The following article introduces the risks of the cloud, how to bypass it, and the Cloud CRM as a solution to GEDYS IntraWare.

Criticism of the Cloud CRM System

Despite the benefits of relatively new technology in the digital age, the cloud has been criticized by some. It often leads to the point that access is only possible with a stable and fast Internet connection, so that locally stored programs are preferable whenever the connection is not good enough.

In addition, dependency, privacy, security, effort and the flexibility of the cloud are considered to be the biggest criticisms that speak against the cloud-based use of software.

What is the point of this criticism?

Missing Internet connection

Modern solutions also offer offline access when you are not connected to the Internet, so you don’t have to rely on a stable and fast Internet connection.


When it comes to security, many cloud providers specialize in hosting and are often more savvy than their own company. Looking at a corresponding ISO certification as well as redundantly designed infrastructure (servers, databases, network, etc.) helps with the quality assessment. According to BitKOM, 85% of the IT attacks registered by companies are not related to cloud solutions.


Data protection remains a sensitive issue. Here is the question of which country the cloud server is located and agreements for order data processing are concluded. In principle, hosting in Germany is preferable to other locations.

Dependence on the cloud provider

Dependence on the cloud provider is not a problem if the terms and conditions for cloud contracts are short and if you take care that the cloud provider provides the data from the CRM system when the contract is terminated.


In terms of administration, the cost of cloud CRM software is less for the company’s own company if the cloud provider takes care of the maintenance and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and software updates. In the project, services for setting up, adapting and training from the solution provider reduce the effort for your own company.>> Cloud CRM as an example of costs


There are cloud CRM systems that do not allow customizations to the standard version. Here you are strongly tied to the existing processes and existing configuration options. However, some systems allow programmatic changes so that cloud solutions are no less flexible.

Benefits of the Cloud CRM System

A cloud CRM system does not require installation on the endpoints. Regardless of the operating system, it is possible to access CRM data on any device and anywhere.

The time for the rollout of the cloud CRM system is usually shorter than for onpremise projects, because there is no need to procure IT hardware and server licenses. Nor does it need to provide and train additional staff to manage them.

A fast ROI([>>free checklistROI view)without high initial investments makes the monthly rental model attractive. The costs can be calculated reliably.

Cloud CRM system as hosting offer

If you need a CRM system but don’t want to buy additional IT, you get CRM2Host a reliable cloud CRM solution with the core sales, marketing capabilities that you can also get in an On Premise system. Everything is customizable and changeable according to your personal ideas of a CRM application.

In terms of security, CRM2Host brings state-of-the-art hosting standards. This protection is provided by RAID1, clustering, IBM Replication data security, and SSL data encryption technologies. In addition, the cloud CRM system is operated in Germany. This has the advantage that you benefit from the confidentiality of the data and from the basic prohibition of the transfer of data to unsafe third countries.

CRM2Host also guarantees security against failures with redundant resources and connections. The servers and data transfer are subject to permanent monitoring, and backups back up the data in the cloud CRM solution every night so that it can be quickly restored in the event of an emergency.

Our software is "Made and Hosted in Germany"
Our software is “Made and Hosted in Germany”
We are a member of the German Business Cloud
We are a member of the German Business Cloud
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