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Efficient in the home office?

Practical tips for working at home and even more reasons to finally start digitalization

As a result of Corona, many people work at home. But do they work efficiently in the home office without cloud CRM? With the new work situation, not only many challenges arise, but also opportunities. What is certain is that digitalized companies and their employees now have a clear advantage.

Surprise: Home Office

The need for the home office came as quite a surprise to all of us. Many had to set up their workplace at home from now on. Companies in particular, which have been hesitant about digitisation, will now be annoyed.

Spontaneously set up home workplaces not only bring unfamiliar work situations, they also require the availability of a suitable room, desk, the appropriate technology and, last but not least, the quickest possible internet connection. Because all this is needed for efficient work in the home office.

The usual routines in the home office can also be mixed up, as there are many more distractions and the danger of not being able to separate work and private life. One of the biggest challenges, however, is certainly the productive collaboration in the team and the efficient in the home office.

Our tips for the home office – short & short

Set up properly for the first time

Not everyone has the luxury of having a separate study in the home. Nevertheless, it is important to create a suitable place for the home office.

On the one hand, the ergonomic conditions, such as the height and distance of the screen, should be taken into account. Even at home, back pain is not out of the way. The tempting idea of working from the sofa should therefore be quickly knocked out of your head.

If possible, also separate the workplace from the places where your free time will take place later. This allows for much more concentrated work and more extensive shutdown – room dividers can be helpful here, for example.

Don’t underestimate routines

Daily routines, such as the way to work or the first coffee in the morning, help us to maintain a regular daily routine and to start the working day consistently. They should not be missing in the home office either.

If possible, keep up with your usual routines. Breakfast before sitting down at your desk. Dress as you usually do at work. Or simulate the commute with a short walk.

Fixed times for breaks, after-hours & co. are also very helpful. So you can meet with family, friends, roommates or via video call for lunch with your favorite colleagues, so as not to let the social interaction in everyday work get away.

Organize collaboration and work efficiently in the home office

If all employees sit in the home office and no longer in an office, collusion and the passing on of important information are much more difficult than usual. Those who are already working with collaboration tools now have a clear advantage.

Tasks, for example, can still be coordinated relatively well with free tools such as Trello. However, this is not always enough for the rapid and reliable exchange of information.

In a CRM system, for example, all information is centrally and transparently for each employee. This will make the exchange between you easy and clear even at the distance. Depending on the CRM software, there are many helpful features to make business processes even more efficient.

Numerous systems are also geared towards mobile work. All of this not only provides benefits for the home office, but can also have a positive impact on business models and processes after the crisis.

As you can see here:

Thanks to our CRM software, we at GEDYS IntraWare work very efficiently in the home office!

Efficient in the home office at GEDYS-IntraWare

Our little tool tips:

  • GEDYS IntraWare CRM software makes it even easy for you to stay up-to-date with the following feature. With Following, for example, you follow contacts, documents or opportunities and are automatically informed about each new update. The direct link makes new information accessible with one click.
  • For internal communication, the new HCL Sametime V11 shines with the “Persistent Chat”, which allows you to resume any previous conversation where it was canceled. In addition, video calls can be started directly from the group chats via “Click-to-Meet” with various tools, such as Skype or Zoom. This saves time and makes team communication pleasantly easy.

CONCLUSION: Digitizing – better late than never

If you haven’t jumped on the digitalization bandwagon yet, it’s high time that you and your employees want to work together successfully during the pandemic and be efficient in the home office. Investing in the right tools will also pay off after the crisis.