Customer management program

Without a customer management program, the data is often unstructured. Many companies are concerned with how best to manage your customer data.

Often, customer data is distributed in different systems, mailboxes, local directories, and employees’ minds. Professional customer management in sales, marketing and service requires centralized access to customer information. In addition to master data, it is also important to manage all activities with the customer.

A customer management program supports your processes

The solution: a reliable customer management software or CRM system (Customer Relationship Management System). With the customer management application, you document all processes to your customers: phone calls are made, emails are exchanged with the customer, meeting logs are created. CRM systems offer extensive customer management capabilities for sales, marketing, service, and other departments.

Which customer management program covers your requirements?

There are a wealth of programs that can be used to manage customers. Few support individualization and cross-divisional customer management. Take stock: in which areas should the customer management program support you? Which processes of customer management should be optimized? We are happy to support you.

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With our customer management program, you support all areas

AS a customer management program, GEDYS IntraWare CRM provides you and your employees with access to all customer information and versatile features that you can gradually introduce as needed. THE GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your customer management in sales, marketing, service and management.

Features of customer management

  • Prospective Qualification
  • Address management
  • Email integration
  • Serial Letters and Mailings
  • Opportunities
  • Quoting
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Ticket management
  • Documentation
  • Computer telephony integration
  • And much more>>
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Customer management for all company sizes

Thanks to its flexible customization options, GEDYS IntraWare CRM is used as customer management software by small, medium and large companies.

Customer management – simple and independent of the platform

The customer management program is web-based and works independently of the platform you use. You only need an Internet-enabled PC and a browser to access it. No installation is required on your PC.

Customer management across locations & worldwide

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM, international companies manage their customers across locations.
Your advantages:

  • Shared view of your customers across different locations
  • Manage customers with multiple offices
  • GEDYS IntraWare Customer Management supports different languages and currencies

Customers manage on the go

Many field workers, whether in sales or service, also want to access your customer information on the go, for example in preparation for customer visits. Change customer data on the go, create phone notes or visit reports with your smartphone or iPad – all of this works with the

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Requirements for the Customer Management Program

You can use the customer management GEDYS IntraWare flexibly. Either on your own server or as a With this variant, you get all the services for your customer management software: including installation, hosting, updates and support. Training makes it easy for you to start a fast and efficient customer management.

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